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Other New Projects & Samples :: "Urbane Ancestors" and "The Spirituals"

Newest Release:
“Ambient Harp Meditation”

Radha Botofasina brings this self-assured collection of meditative music to the forefront with the power of the harp's strings as they massage the mind and develop the soul. The music assures a mood that is unmatched in modern music, but with the ancient splendor of the harp. Botofasina plays with a skill that will touch the inner vibrations of the spirit, while calming and charming the listener into a state of relaxation that can only bring about inner peace. More

Now available at CD Baby

“Songs of the Eternal Soul”

“Radha, I heard your new CD!! It was excellent!!  It touches the heart. I have no words to describe how I feel when I listen to it. Just amazing. I want to congratulate your group; they all have done a great job.”
- Shama Dhanwani, Bangalore, India

Available at CD Baby

Listen to the Oct. 9, 2012 podcast from New World Kirtan which features a collection of 9 songs including one of Radha's "Vrindavana" (starting at 23:02)

You can order all these from CD Baby.

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